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A #myNiagara Community Manager is a local resident who knows their Town inside out. They live and love their local community culture and are committed to supporting the success of local businesses.

These community advocates love to write and post stories and photos shouting out about their Town. They are equally comfortable communicating online as well as attending community and business networking events.

No matter what your circumstances, whether you are a first-timer or experienced, selling or buying a home is always a stressful experience.

It can be a complex and daunting process and it’s my job to help you to navigate through it. From start to finish, I will be your primary contact, advisor, and service provider to help you understand the market and to guide you.

Our myNiagaraOnline local networks inspire and facilitate community collaboration by providing the opportunity for all community sectors to collectively share information. We proactively collect, publish and promote our community sourced content via social networking services like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to help local businesses and community organizations boost their online visibility and expand their client base.

At the March 2017 conference of Festival and Events Ontario, TD Niagara Jazz Festival was awarded the Best New Festival in Ontario Award for organizations with budgets of $100,000 to $500,000. Festival co-creators Juliet Dunn and Peter Shea proudly accepted the award handed out by the provincial association that recognizes industry festival and events leaders that stood out in the previous festival year. Festivals and events of all kinds from every corner of Ontario were represented in the nominations – from community festivals to internationally recognized events.