Building Community Connectivity the 'myNiagara' Way

Our myNiagaraOnline local networks inspire and facilitate community collaboration by providing the opportunity for all community sectors to collectively share information. We proactively collect, publish and promote our community sourced content via social networking services like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to help local businesses and community organizations boost their online visibility and expand their client base. and now also demonstrate our vision of fully connected on-line neighbourhoods where local events like concerts, festivals, church bazaars, golf tournaments – you name it – are posted and actively promoted. All contributed media releases and local blog articles are published. Business listings are kept up-to-date.

Social agencies highlight their services, connect with potential volunteers and promote their fundraising activities. Local businesses post professional advice, job opportunities, sales events and specials, hours of operation and product listings. Local consumers register to receive a weekly newsletter that consolidates all the local business updates and community happenings scheduled for the coming week.

The data is all stored in a fully inclusive directory and sorted into searchable categories. All the components are available as a resource to collate and contribute content to Niagara-wide sectoral initiatives such as economic development, tourism, arts, sports and other pertinent community portals.

Our local networks share daily happenings from the positive point of view of locals who know and love their Niagara local community. Participate with us and share your message with our growing audience of avid social media users, online influencers and big supporters of local culture and Niagara community-building initiatives.

We are currently in the development stage of a myNiagarOnline local network in Niagara-on-the-Lake.  Interested to learn more about becoming a Founding Partner please reach out to us via:

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